History of Colorco


Colorco's history dates back years ago to 1964 when a bright young plastics engineer named William Frenchu was pioneering the relatively new industry of developing colorants for thermoplastics. Our founder Mr. Frenchu began his mission in Newark New Jersey, making custom dry powder colorants for various local plastics processors.

In 1968 Colorco Inc. moved its operation to Linden, New Jersey and expanded into resin-based color concentrates. We have been at this location ever since! In 1982 we started operations of our sister company, Colorflo, which specializes in the manufacture of PVC concentrates.

What We Do

Colorco's core business is the formulation and manufacture of custom color and functional additive products for thermoplastics. These products come in the form of concentrates and dry colorants. They are intermediates for the plastics industry and provide added value to the products into which they are incorporated. We also do some pre-colored compounds. We work primarily with processors, but we also work with brokers, designers, agents, and end users to come up with the best product at the right price.

Dry colorants are powder blends of various pigments/dyes and additives. Concentrates are blends of various pigments/dyes and additives compounded into a thermoplastic resin carrier and come in a pellet form.

The primary function of the color concentrate is to disperse easily and cleanly into the plastics process whether it be injection molding, blow molding, sheet, film or profile extrusion. Visual and physical repeatability must hold a tight tolerance from the first lot to the last so that you don't have to waste time making adjustments.

Colorco is a Customer-Driven Company Based on Partnership

We value good customers
and look to develop long-term working relationships based upon trust, reliability, performance, and accountability.

We want to be your go to color provider. We listen to what the customer has to say, and we respect the integrity of the customer's requirements and vision.

We work together with the customer to achieve their goals with the most economical and best performing products.

Our People

Chris Bates

President & Technical Sales

Chris has been with Colorco since 1994. His background is in production management, and has held his current position since 2004. He has over 10 years color matching and product development experience. He also has 10 years sales experience.

Lina Roque

Customer Service

Lina has been with Colorco since 2002. She is responsible for customer service duties including confirming and processing orders.

There are no empty suits or costly overhead in our company. We work LEAN and MEAN, and everyone serves an important functional role. We reinvest wisely in equipment, technology and training for the benefit of our company, its employees and its customers.

Colorco has numerous non-disclosure agreements with customers in order to protect intellectual properties entrusted to us in the development of new products.

We take these binding agreements very seriously and do everything necessary to maintain that trust. We've been doing it for 50 years.